Shadow Hunter by BR Kingsolver

When my magic manifested at puberty, my parents sold me to the Illuminati. They trained me as an assassin, spy, and thief. But when they sent me to steal a magical artifact that reveals Truth in all things, I discovered that I was working for the Dark and not the Light. The Illuminati trained me well, and paid the ultimate price for their deception. 

Thousands of miles away, I landed a job in a quirky little bar. But the scattered remnants of the Order still strive for world domination, and no one leaves the Illuminati alive.  – GoodReads

TLG Review

What would you do if you found out you were the bad guy? That’s what happened in this book, the lead character Erin discovers that she’s leading a life with little to no control of her own. She escapes and tries to start her life over. Unfortunately she picks a town that is a hotbed of paranormal activity and can’t escape the forces drawing her into danger.

This book made me fall in love with every character in it. Erin is a no-nonsense tough woman, with childlike innocence at times. All the boys want to rescue her, but she often has to save them from a nasty death instead. The pacing of this book is excellent. I read it in one setting, when it was done, I immediately downloaded the second book. I can almost guarantee I’ll read all of this authors work in the very near future.

What I enjoyed the most about this book is how the author addresses feminine issues. There is a specific scene that comes to mind. The lead character is a bar tender, and someone gropes her. She handles it, and then the following day, she sets the tone for how she’ll allow others to treat her among her co-workers. This impressed me and made me feel tremendous hope for the future of writing lead female characters.

I highly recommend this book if your looking for a kick ass female driven book that isn’t afraid to push the envelope of disbelief. The world that Kingsolver creates is vast and tied together intricately. It’s just as much about self discovery and friendship as it is the monsters that go bump in the night.

5 Star Review!


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