Ancient Mariners by David Burton

A coming of age tale of two people, vastly different, but with a common thread binding them together, who set off on a voyage of discovery and adventure…

After 14-year-old Beth Portman’s parents are killed in a suspicious fire, she finds herself cast adrift in more ways than one. For Beth, there was no use in looking back. There is no family or friends to wave goodbye to.

Teaming up with her old sailing mentor and ex-Navy Seal, Silas Tuft, who is also grieving for a lost family, they sail the South Pacific, seeking solace for their grief. In Mexico they believe they have found love and a new home, but Death hasn’t finished with them. He sets them on a long and lonely journey they are unable to refuse.

In Australia they encounter Beth’s old best friend Judy, who is escaping from her vile and abusive father. Only then do Beth and Silas finally understand what Death wants from them as the parallel tracks of their lives are guided towards one small act of revenge, atonement, justice or murder, depending on how one looks at it, that will set them free of their guilt and grief. – Author Provided

The Literary Goddess Book Review

Beth Portman was born under the unluckiest star ever to exist. Her parents were killed after she set said with a family friend. ‘Ancient Mariners’ is a tale of what happened after the death of her parents. From pirates to drug cartels and everything in the middle, Beth had to grow up fast to protect not only herself, but those that she cares about.

I read this book in one setting because I had a vested interest in what happened to the heroine. The book starts off with her at 14 and allows the reader to experience the trauma that forms the adult she’s to become. David Burton, the author of ‘Ancient Mariners’ weaves a good story with constant action that pulls the reader in.

As a personal preference only, I did find it jarring that the point of view often changes mid-scene between the characters, but after I got used to Mr. Burton’s writing style, it didn’t impact the story at all. It was also kind of sad how many people wanted to rape the underaged girl, but all one must do is read the news to know that’s not uncommon. I also feel like I’m ready to set sail with the vast amount of knowledge I gained while reading about sailing across the ocean.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes an adventure at sea with danger and intrigue at every port. The book does not shy away from sexual abuse, torture, or murder, but weaves them in a way that engages the reader on an emotional level.

TLG 4 Star Review


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