‘Jason’ Brotherhood of Dragons by Sarah J. Stone

About The Book

My life is in grave danger.
And he’s the only one who can save me. 

Jason Crane. 
A high-profile bodyguard. 
Strong, mesmerizing, and hard as steel. 
I want to run my fingers all over his chiseled chest. 
On paper, he’s perfect. Normal. 
But he has a secret. 
He’s been alive for over four centuries.
A dragon shifter. 
And I’ve been thrown into a safe house with him. 
Away from the serial killer who’s stalking me. 
He’ll stop at nothing until he finds me. 
My only hope?
Jason’s protection.  – Amazon

TLG Review

Let me first say that this review is for the first book in the series, Jason, as I’m not yet done with the series. Jason is assigned to protect a high value client whose life is in danger from a serial killer who targets victims to look like her. At first Elle believe she’s being paranoid, thinking someone is watching her, smelling cologne in her home that she doesn’t wear, and then she finds the words ‘You are next’ written in red on her walls.

Jason is a dragon shifter with brothers who would prefer to stay as far removed from humanity as they possibly can, but Jason is different. He puts his life on the line to protect those who are in need, even if they are a human. One of the things that really stood out to me was the concept of how the bad guys rise to power. It explains it early in the book, so I don’t feel like it’s oversharing to put it here. After the bad buys murder someone, they trap their souls in a crystal to harness their powers. After they reach the ten people they were assigned to murder, they are inducted into a secret society of Dragons. It’s very original, and I liked that.

Prior to reading Jason, I’d never read anything by Sarah J. Stone, and I’m excited to continue with the series. I genuinely enjoy the world she created, and the characters she built within it. Jason walks a thin line between both worlds, and he does it well. Elle has secrets of her own, and together, Jason and Elle manage to not only fall in love but save the day on multiple occasions. I recommend this book to anyone who likes supernatural romance, shifter stories, and enough danger and intrigue to keep them turning the pages.

4 Star Review


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