5 Funniest Moments of Goddess Talks!

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I got it in my head that the podcast needed a little something more to attract followers. We’d done the show for months on Blog Talk Radio with limited success at reaching new listeners. 

After a disastrous attempt with our second featured guest, i knew something had to change. The platform I’d originally chosen couldn’t sustain what we wanted to do. Then we moved to Talkshoe… Ya’ll I learned I’m incredibly technologically challenged.

Kristy missed two epsodes of the podcast she started because she began working on the website while waiting for the countdown for the show to start. Raven had to call her.

During the 3rd live episode, the police came to Kristy’s house. (They were looking for someone else, but she looked weird in a headset and a housecoat!

In one of the earlier episodes, Kristy put the mic on mute to cough, and left it on mute for the remainder of the show!

One surprise caller came on and caused massive confusion. Kristy had to hang up on him when he went from weird to his own special brand of special.

After switching to a new host, while we had a featured author as a guest, Kristy ended the call every time she tried to share her screen!

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