Coelho deletes children’s book in wake of Kobe Bryant death.

Coelho deletes children’s book in wake of Kobe Bryant death.

The aftermath of tragedy.

Author Paulo Coelho deletes children’s book in wake of Kobe Bryant death. He was in the process of working with Bryant, but in the wake of the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s death he decided to delete the entire draft of the children’s book.

Coelho spoke out on his decision by saying that the book “did not make sense anymore” now that Bryant is gone.

Author Coelho

“That doesn’t stop me from writing someday about things I learned from Kobe and how much of a larger-than-life person he was,” Coelho told The Associated Press. “But the children’s book did not make sense anymore.”

Coelho wrote “The Alchemist,” which was one of Bryant’s favorite books. According to the Associated Press, Bryant recommended the book to many of his former teammates.

The process of the children’s book was very casual for several months before Bryant reached out in August to speed up the process, which began back in 2016. Bryant told Coelho, “Let’s write that book together.”

“Kobe was always very concerned about making a book that was a positive example for children, especially those coming from humble beginnings,” Coelho added.

Coelho had planned to work with Bryant to inspire underprivileged children to “overcome adversity through sports.”

“I saw him enough times to assure he had much more than sports on his mind, it wasn’t all about competition,” Coelho said. “His tragic death has shown already how he was important to the world, not only to the United States. We will discuss his legacy for many years, much beyond sport.”

Bryant had written several books of his own in the past, including “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp,” “The Mamba Mentality” and “Legacy and the Queen.” In addition, the Lakers legend also won an Academy Award for his short film “Dear Basketball.”

As Coelho touched on, the Lakers star was so much more than a great basketball player. Him wanting to inspire the youth to overcome adversity and make an impact regardless of where they came from shows that.

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