How do you define success?

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What defines success?

I ask myself often what success would mean to me. If you ask anyone whom I’ve spoken to about my writing goals, they’ll share that Kristy’s goal is to write a book for Harlequin Romance. Is that my definition of success? I used to think it was when I sold books with a measure of consistency. Does that mean that I’m finally a successful writer? Is it because I receive royalties or a check from the media outlet I write for? What would make me feel successful as a writer?

Sure, I’d love to make enough money to cover my living expenses comfortably, but I also love my part time jobs. I don’t want to give them up to pursue a career as a full-time writer. My ADHD would never allow me to work on just one thing.

Today I define my successes as growth. If my brand, my business, and my books (the 3 B’s) are showing signs of growth, I’ll continue to see it as a success.

Here’s a bit of perspective –

In August I released all my old books. I released 5 books and then in December released my sixth book, and first as an independent author. All the other books were previously published by a publishing house.

If I define success by Amazon royalties –

October Royalties received in December – $2.65.

November Royalties received in January – $12.90

December Royalties received in February – $52.13

January Royalties to be received in March – $62.25

By this account, if I gage my success through growth, then I’m a successful author who makes little to no money from her writing.

I choose not to use money to define my success because in the end, money can be made in a variety of ways, and no one person should put all their eggs in one basket. Diversify your ability to generate revenue. I’ll believe I’m a successful person when I have multiple streams of revenue that come in whether I focus on them or not.

How do you define success?

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