What’s Your Process?

Raven Starr

Okay you guys today let’s talk about your writing process it defers from author to author. When I’ve been asked this question, I always rattle off all the things I need to ensue I can get to writing seamlessly. I can’t write in complete silence, and I know many authors who need silence to work, not me. I have to have something going on in the background and it does help if whatever is playing is the genre I am writing on that day.

So that’s the visual side, to help me in my process a scented candle also helps me delve deeper in my subconscious. See with me everything ties together, the visual or at hearing the movie or music, the scented candle for the smell.

Many writers have their own list of things that help them to write their wonderful works of art. I was very happy when I found out I wasn’t the only author who needs certain things to help get into the mindset to create the worlds we all chose to write in.

To me writing is a long process and can’t be taken up lightly. Everyone thinks writing is an easy task, but I am here to say it is not an easy undertaking. It takes most authors several months to a year to produce just one decent sized novel. I’m talking about over 70,000 words, to me that’s an amazing feat.

So, in the process of getting words on the page isn’t the only thing you must keep in mind. After your story is written then starts the task of self-editing, now I don’t recommend authors to self-edit their work. Because we the story and we know the words that need to be there, in only self-editing your work can lose you potential readers. Books that are full of typos, and grammar mistakes doesn’t bode well for your career in writing.

There’s saying many authors use and that’s write, read and edit. Now after you’ve read your book then for some it’s off to a beta reader or an editor, because they can see the mistakes. Unlike most when I’m done with a book and I’ve done through and send it out to my dearest editor I look forward to the editing process because I learn so much about my work and I can fix the mistakes before the book is even published, so when I do release it it’s the best story it can be.

Until next time folks.

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