Writing Retreats

Raven Starr

Here we are again, thanks for being here. Today, I’d love to talk about writing retreats. Now I have never had the pleasure but it’s one thing I’d love to experience, at least once.

I’ve only known one person who attended one and from her review and the progress she made is one reason I want to attend as well.

To be in beautiful space maybe mountains near a lake who knows but I can only imagine.

From the research I’ve done there are so many reasons to attend especially from first-time writers. Being surrounded by your fellow authors would be a confidence of any timid author.

Being a shy person myself I would benefit from this, maybe in the future we will hold a Goddess Writing Retreat. That could be a thing, being as the entire goal of The Literary Goddess is all about supporting other women authors.

I can attest for when I’m in a meeting with Kristy we both accomplish so much more when we’re together. Supporting each other through this process is very important. We can push each other and that helps build better writing habits and the same can be said when you attend a writing retreat. The more I research the more I really want to go.

Have you ever attended? What was your experience?

I’d love to hear your reviews.

Until next time Folks.

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