The Future of E-Books

Raven Starr

Hello everyone, today I’m here to talk about where the e-book publishing industry is headed. Now long ago let’s say about 10 years or so, most self-published authors now called, Indie authors, were scarce and were looked down upon. But now the Indie- authors are on the rise some even gaining USA Best Seller status without the help of an agent or big named publisher.

I am happy to be among the rising Indie-author revolution. Indie-authors are gaining more and more momentum while some still seek out the big-name publishers and to be honest, it’s part of my 5-year plan. It’d love the chance to have both, to continue my Indie-author journey while pursuing a traditional publisher.

Years ago, it was said indie-authors weren’t creditable and it sent many authors scurrying to find someone to represent them and e-book publishers sprouted up like weeds. I’m very happy to witness the change in this industry. Being an author is not an easy task, and you have to develop a thick skin because those rejection letters hurt like hell, but it’s also a learning experience especially if the agent or editor gives you a bit of feedback on why your novel doesn’t fit. But beware like I said most editors are brutally honest and they have to be in this business, you can’t rep a writer who can’t write. Point. Blank. Period.

Now Indie-authors have the wonderful opportunity to see their work go into the masses, it’s a wonderful time to be a writer, isn’t it? With print books declining, and with our Save the Trees Movement e-books are looking like the way to procced, but everyone author wants to see their work in print. Most print goes through the big guys like Walmart, Costco, and even Target these company have some of the print on lockdown, but not with Indie-authors they can put out as many books as they can write and publish them for free on Amazon. Yep for free. Why pay the other companies, sharing your royalties when you can set your own price and not share the money with anyone. Like I said it’s a wonderful time to be an Indie-author.

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