The State Of The World For Women Today

Raven Starr

                                   The State Of The World For Women Today.

Hello out there, I know I usually speak about writing, but something happened to me the other day that I think I need to discuss. As a woman I am usually aware of my surroundings, especially in my neighborhood. I’ve lived in some very scary and dangerous places in my life, so I don’t scare easy. But I must admit the story I have to tell has totally changed something within myself.

With the weather changing I usually take a walk depending on how my body feels when I wake up. So, on Tuesday morning I decided to walk to the gas station and back, it’s a 6 minute walk each way. Now when I say morning it’s not dawn, it was about 10:30am. I pulled on my grey hoodie and headed out. I get to the gas station buy a water and head out. Now coming inside the gas station as I was leaving was a normal-looking older guy. “He thanks me for holding the door open and I nod and head home.

I didn’t have my headphones in, and I thank the heavens that I didn’t because as I’m walking home, I heard a car driving behind me, it wasn’t speeding like most folks down my road but nonetheless I move closer to the curb. I glance over and who do I see? The older guy from the gas station. Now, we’re staring at each other, he gives me a creepy wave then takes a left as if going to the dollar store.

No worries I keep walking, but again here comes the same guy passing, he wasn’t going as slow but slow enough. Okay, he’s lost. I keep going but now I’m watching this guy. I want know where he’s going because now the hairs on my neck were tingling. I speed up. The guy drives down the street pulls into a driveway and stops. I speed up again.

Now this guy is backing up heading toward me for a third time. This dude is stalking me in broad daylight. Panic-stricken, I bolt. In high school, I ran track and was the fastest girl in my school for 2 years, and that instinct kicked in. I cut through the parking lot of the daycare, and there were cars with other females in them, but no one knew why I was running, and I didn’t have time to tell them. I felt like I was in danger and my brain said, RUN. And I did. I didn’t want to run home because I didn’t want to lead him to my doorstep. So, I hid around the corner of a building and I watched him drive slowly down the street as if looking for me. Once I saw him pass me again, I bolted this time I didn’t stop until I reached the safety of my house.

I’m telling you this story because we as women must always know where we are, and we need to pay attention to our surroundings at all times. I relaxed and in that moment of not taking my big dog or carrying some sort of protection I was scared to the core. It’s 2020 and things like this happen more often than not. We need to stay alert because it doesn’t matter what we look like, or how we’re dressed because there are men, creepy sick men that are preying on us daily. I’ve told this story and some of the comments I received were you should have taken a picture of his car. I didn’t think of it even though I had my phone on me. My only thought was run. Ladies long story short, protect yourselves at all times, and when you get that feeling follow your instincts and run.

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