Q1 – The Reality of Writing

book sales

My 2020 Book Sales

January Sales

  • Finding Forgiveness – 174
  • The Light Bringer – 2

Sold 176 books – Royalties were about $60.00

February Sales

  • Finding Forgiveness 118
  • The Light Bringer 1

Sold 118 Books – Royalties will be about $30.00

March Sales

  • Divine Intervention 47
  • Divine Purpose 33
  • Divine Touch 29
  • Finding Forgiveness 104
  • The Light Bringer 20
  • Ascension Descension 12

Sold 245 Books – Royalties will be about $30.00

I believe small victories drive us toward the success of our dreams. I’m sharing this with you not as a post about starving artists, but about how forward momentum and unrelenting work drive success.

Why am I sharing all this with you? On one hand, I’ve always been told that you just don’t share finances with other people. Not to mention telling the world you only made $100 in three months will have others offering advice about new career opportunities.

My podcast also made $0.10. So my grand total for three months of painstaking work and putting in every spare moment and often working 12 to 18 hour days is $100.10.

So why don’t I give up? Why do I keep pushing forward for such little rewards? Hard work is all I know how to do. Whether its working for someone else, or working for myself. I’ve never believed in a company as much as I believe in myself.

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I’ve started an audio podcast that is on every major platform. 

I’ve started a YouTube channel to display our video podcasts. 

I’ve started a Small Business to provide services for struggling creative thinkers.

My Twitter has 1,456 followers, Facebook has 2,236 on my profile, My Facebook Author Page has 156 followers, ThLiGo Facebook Page has 183 followers. 

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It’s hard to balance a big dream with a practical nature. While part of me is afraid that I’ll be working menial jobs for the rest of my natural life, the other, drive side of me says that all it takes is one post, or one story, or one moment to change everything. If I stop, I’ll never achieve that moment. 

I don’t want to be a millionaire. Those days of dreaming on such grand scales are over. Today I just want to make enough to not live in fear of going hungry. I will one day work only at what I want to do, and the money will not be such a primary focus of survival. 

My message today is this, even when things seem bleak, and all of your hard work isn’t going anywhere, know this… In the first quarter of 2020 I became a three digit author. That may mean nothing anyone reading this, but that means that people out there are reading what I write. 

That to me is progress. Here are the goals i’m working towards: 

A house of my own

A small SUV


If I made $65,000 a year, I can achieve all of my goals within 5 years. So I will continue to work. I’ll continue to do anything and everything I can do to reach the goals I want because the last one is more important to me than anything else. 

While I love writing and working, the one thing I loved most about how I defined my identity was being a mother. Sure, there are so many things I’d of done differently but I raised four exceptional humans that have confidence in their self worth built from a foundation of love and support. Instead of becoming statistics, they are striving for goals outreaching my own. 

I’m not ready to retire the title of mom, and I will get my life together so that I can provide a home for children in need whether i have them for ten minutes or the rest of my life. No child should ever travel with a garbage bag from home to home because the adults in their life failed them. 

This is why I write, and this is why I cannot give up. Just became I am not in a position today, doesn’t mean I won’t be there. God and an unshakable belief that this is the path I am meant to be on are driving me. How can I fail?

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