Why I Love Deep Dish Pizza

Raven Starr

Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day.

Oh, you guys when I was a kid growing up New London The Crystal Mall was the place to be. And one of the resturants was this pizza place, and I’m horrible for not remembering the name. Maybe I will by the end of this…who knows.

It’s not about the name it’s all about the pizza. Sometimes, you can get a deep dish that isn’t fully cooked. Who wants to eat raw pizza dough?

So, the process for getting right way thin at best, but not this pizza place. All the kids waited in line for their slice. Deep or not. It was known for being the place of first dates.

To sit at a table across from a cute boy eating the best pizza your fourteen year old brain could handle. It was bliss. The pizza more than the dates.

To this day, I haven’t had a deep dish since that was amazing. I need to travel to Chicago to experience some awesome deep dish.

What’s your experience with deep dish? It is a Nay or Yay. 

Can’t wait to read your comments.

Until next time… 

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