My Hermit Life

Raven Starr

Hello everyone. How are you all dealing with social distancing and self lockdowns?

 For me I’m a hermit most days but I could always step outside and play in my yard without a care in the world, but now, I can’t really do that.

I’m at high risk because of having some health problems before this whole thing started.

But being grounded within the same four walls isn’t easy for me at all. Now that the weather is turning clear, I fight the urge to step outside to enjoy it.

One thing I did to help was to set up my new office in a spare bedroom. It’s funny because I never used the spare room except for hanging up my laundry during the winter, but now, I have an office to work in.

It helps even though I’m only stepping across the hall, but I’m not trapped in one room all day.

How are you coping? 

During this time we should all check on each other, some may not be handling self isolation and others, so check on your friends and family.

Until Next Time… 

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