It’s Bicycle Day

Raven Starr

Hey Guys, take a good at the bike this is the bike I want to have. It’s perfect, I love the basket. Okay, sorry I get excited about bikes and all things to take you into nature.

The reason I’m so geeked over the bike… well its bicycle day, yep, that’s a thing.

Remember the bike from your childhood, what did it look like?

I had a banana seat, remember those? But today bikes are not just for trails there is a bike for everyone ranging anywhere from 80 to over 300 dollars. Bikes can be expensive.

As children our bikes took us everywhere. I remember using my bike to deliver papers; it was freedom. And when I lived in New York, the bike was the best mode of transportation. Cars clogging our lungs on a daily basis bike are on the rise once again. Not only for exercising, but a real mode of transport that will help our dying planet.

Do you own a bike?

Post a picture of you would to have in the comments.

Do you think bikes should replace gas hogging cars?

You already know I would like to see more earth-friendly modes of transportation. I love our planet and would love to see Gaia restored.

Until next time…

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