Best Movies in the 1980’s Part 2

Raven Starr

Hey guys here’s part 2 of my list of the best movies from the 1980s without further ado let’s get back to it.

Remember, in order we’re at number 5.

9 to 5  (1980) starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda. This movie is so funny, I love it. Women are strong, and this movie proves it. It’s highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes at 82. While we’re home with nothing to do this movie will have you cracking up.

4. ET (1982) Who hasn’t seen this cult classic… no one, right? With an adorable cast of Henry Thomas, one of my favorite actress of all time, Drew Barrymore and Dee Wallace this movie has it all, adventure with a tear-jerking plot line. ET will always be a classic in my book. This movie has the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far at 98 percent.

3. Pretty In Pink (1986) Molly Ringwald, Annie Potts, Harry Dean Stanton and Jon Cryer. I love all the movies 16 Candles, yes and The Breakfast Club. So perfectly dreamy. Maybe now I realize why I’m such a romantic. With a rating of 79 percent this is a keeper.

2. Flash Gordon (1980) If you’re looking for a, a great movie this is it, but if you get hung up on visuals, this is before green screens and such, but other than that I agree with the rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 80 percent.

We made it you guys...finally at number one

1. The Color Purple (1985) The more you learn about me you will see certain things in life have helped me through difficult times and this movie was one of them. Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover, Akosua Busia, and the amazing Goddess Whoopi Goldberg. This movie based on the book of the same name written by Alice Walker is one of my favorite female writers. This movie makes me cry, but it’s about a journey, and that what we need to see, the journey.

What would be on your list of best 1980s movies?

Until next time…

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