International Dance Day

Raven Starr

Can you guess what day it is? It’s international dance day, but to me I do this every day. For the rest of you guys, happy dance day. Humans have been dancing since we could stand. It is a blessed form of expression.
My kids usually walk away from me when I dance while we’re out and about. I can’t help it, plus it makes other people laugh and laughing is better than stressing, right?
What’s your favorite type of dance? I love it all. In my childhood I would watch Janet Jackson videos and mimic her moves, that’s when I was young. Now I can’t always keep up so when I dance it’s almost like a chicken with its head chopped off just twitching. Maybe now I can see why my kids bolt when I dance in public.
I also sing pieces of songs from old commercials, tidbits from my favorite singers.
I’ve been doing this before the lockdown so I guess it’s even worse now.
Who was your favorite dancer?
Me, I have to say Michael Jackson. all the people grow up watching the way he moved. To me Michael with always be the King of Pop.
I fell in love with World of Dance a few years back and I’m telling you if you’ve never seen a season you have to check it out. The first season is where I saw Les Twins, and they are incredible dancers.
Well, my friends keep on dancing.

Until next time…

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