Ascension Descension

Book Cover: Ascension Descension
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
ISBN: 9780463714133
Pages: 267

A reality show in Hell

As an unwilling guest in the underworld, Dionysus hosts the annual reality show ‘Ascension Descension’ where tortured souls are given an opportunity to earn their freedom. When the forgotten daughter of God, Sophia joins the cast, she brings her own agenda. The moderately successful show goes viral when humans are forced to acknowledge that all supernatural creatures exist.

Iconic bad girls of the Bible are chosen to compete for a chance at a new life. Demons and angels join forces to cheer on their favorite contestants and to protect the humans from self-destruction. It is up to Dionysus to keep the show from erupting into chaos when all he wants to do is escape Hell.

Which wicked woman will win?

Publisher: Independant
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