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Plain Brown Wrapper Series

Samuel Cane hires an outside auditor; an efficiency expert to be exact, to help find a problem that is plaguing his export/import company. But after he gets a look at Miss Latonya Bernard, business flies out the window and his head.

Careful of guarding his reputation, he devises a plan to get some one on one time with the sexy auditor. She seems like a woman that has it all together, in total control. But he’s willing to take a chance and make her lose it.

Latonya Bernard has never met a man as sexy as Mr. Samuel Cane. He puts any young stud to shame. The fifty something owner of an export/import company is having problems, and he’s hired her to help him. But at the moment, the only problem she’s thinking about solving is her constant state of horniess.

Publisher: Independant
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