Divine Intervention

Kristy Denice Bock

Book Cover: Divine Intervention
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 259

Death wouldn't stop her from taking her revenge against the man who murdered her in her wedding dress right before their wedding.

Savannah Delseno takes the position as Death’s assistant as a soul reaper. She was dead but alive, and as an added perk she had wings. It didn’t hurt that Gabriel, the one known as Death, intrigued her in a way that she’d never experienced before in her former life.

Gabriel had no intention of getting close to his alluring new assistant, and he'd had enough with the meddling Divine Ones. All he wanted to do was ferry the souls of the dead and forget all about the violet eyes of Savannah Delseno.

Can Savannah and Gabriel survive a crazed soul hunter, an ancient curse, and everyone’s best intentions to find a love that can withstand death itself?

Publisher: Independant
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Veronica Perez on Amazon wrote:

Great book! Entertaining!

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