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Raven Starr

Indie Authors vs Traditional Authors

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a stellar week. So much is going on but we’ll talk about that a bit later. Today, I want to chat a bit about the differences between an Indie-author vs Traditional Publishing. A few years back it was deemed so wrong to publish without a house backing your name,…
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The Literary Goddess

How do you define success?

What defines success? I ask myself often what success would mean to me. If you ask anyone whom I’ve spoken to about my writing goals, they’ll share that Kristy’s goal is to write a book for Harlequin Romance. Is that my definition of success? I used to think it was when I sold books with…
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golden apple with barb wire

Stephanie’s Blog

You’ve heard it before, but it still doesn’t make you feel
any better when someone criticizes your baby. In other words, your work.

But have no fear, let me explain something that I have just
come to realize.

The Bias of Media

There are subtle differences in word choices that will change the dynamic of the statement. The ability to be impartial is hard when the author feels passionately about a subject.

Goddess Talks

Kristy’s Kinston Dream

When I moved to Kinston, I never expected to fall in love with this little town. There is a vibrancy here that mirrors its resiliency. I’ve met incredible people and enjoyed food that can’t be found anywhere else.

5 Funniest Moments of Goddess Talks!

All the ideas in the world, and enough skill to fill a thimble.