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Ascension Descension

A reality show from Hell.

Finding Forgiveness

Can she ever trust him again?

The Light Bringer

Hunted by a sadistic demon, can she trust a fallen angel?

Divine Touch

Only mortals are truly free.

Divine Purpose

Is he enough to protect her from a monster the goddesses feared?

Divine Intervention

Death wouldn’t stop her from taking her revenge against the man who murdered her in her wedding dress right before their wedding.

The Bias of Media

There are subtle differences in word choices that will change the dynamic of the statement. The ability to be impartial is hard when the author feels passionately about a subject.

5 Funniest Moments of Goddess Talks!

All the ideas in the world, and enough skill to fill a thimble.

Ep. 20 – Goddess Talks Podcast – Featuring Jeannine A. Cook

Jeannine A. Cook Twitter- https://twitter.com/jeannineacook Website – https://jeannineacook.com/ For the last 10 years Jeannine A. Cook has worked as a trusted writer for several startups, corporations, non-profits, influencers, and most recently herself. In addition to a holding a master’s degree from The University of the Arts, Jeannine is also a Leeway Art & Transformation Grantee and winner…
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Ep. 19 – Goddess Talks Podcast – Featuring Roxanne Bland

Join Kristy Bock and Raven Starr as they discuss Roxanne Bland’s newest release! (Previously published as The Underground: Second Edition) In an alternate Seattle, communities of “exotics”—shapeshifters, witches, elves and vampires—live among the murderous human population and are ruled over by the cruel vampire Master, Kurt. The powerful alpha male of the werewolf pack, Parker…
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